Warehouse Supervisor

Reporting directly to the Operations Manager (Mtl), the primary objective of the position is to manage and oversee all Sierra Ontario warehouse activities (Wholesale & Auction), ensure efficient processes, and maximize warehouse productivity. More specifically, you will coordinate daily activities such as shipping, receiving & processing our floral products, managing inventory levels, ensuring the efficient delivery of our products, & supervising staff, all within Health and safety guidelines.

Key Objectives:

Human Resource Management

Train & support warehouse & processing staff and manage their development;

Define staffing needs and allocate workload (ex: planning the necessary staff, preparing schedules, coordinating work, dealing with agencies, etc.);

Ensure cross training and prepare an adequate succession plan;

Manage departmental action plans and established KPI’s;

Ensure compliance with occupational health and safety rules;

Actively participate in H&S activities/ tasks.

Warehouse Operations

Responsible for accurate shipping operations and efficient communication with key players (logistics & shipping, sales and quality control) for all divisions;

Manage all daily operational needs in regard to shipping, receiving & processing, as well airport pickups and deliveries;

Communicate with carriers to resolve problematic situations;

Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, identifying, dispatching and assuring quality of our floral products;

Control and organize storage in order to maximize space use;

Ensure the accuracy of inbound and outbound orders according to their specifications;

Check the accuracy of shipping documents (labels, invoices, delivery notes);

Perform weekly confirmation and receipt of perishable products;

Ensure the quality control of the supply according to the established standards (temperature check) and document the observations.

Assists with deliveries, pick up products at airport & serve clients where required;

Inventory management

Ensure the control of weekly inventories in order to provide accurate and precise information regarding product availability to customers; 

Building & Equipment Maintenance

Coordinate the overall building maintenance needs (interior and exterior) with the landlords (OFG) ;

Ensure equipment maintenance (table saw, forklift, etc. preventative maintenance) meet safety standards;

Ensure building follow up with lease at Tomken road;


Degree in logistics, supply chain management or business administration;


Minimum two (2) years’ experience as a warehouse supervisor or lead hand;

Minimum (3) years’ experience working in a warehouse /shipping receiving;

Floral, horticulture or perishable product knowledge is an asset.


Strong working knowledge of warehouse operations and management;

Strong time management skills and the ability to delegate;

Excellent leadership and organizational skills:

Strong communication and interpersonal skills;

Proficiency in Microsoft Office and data entry software;

Capable of working under pressure;

Capable of working in a refrigerated area;

Flexibility regarding the work schedule in order to meet operational needs (including weekends);

Valide Ontario Drivers License;

Forklift Operation Certification.

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