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In 2000 staff from Sierra Flower Trading began collecting pictures in a database in order to organize all the incredible new varieties of flowers that were being introduced by our growers. It wasn’t long before we made our internal database available online for our clients, it was from these humble beginnings that the Sierra Flower Finder initiative was born.

In 2010, the mission of the new Sierra Flower Finder is to help the floral industry by supporting the development of informed professional florists and wholesalers. We firmly believe that the more knowledge we share about our flowers, the better we will all be equipped to serve our clients and the more our industry will grow. We want to provide a platform where the floral community could share their knowledge and strengthen our industry for all of us.

Your participation will ensure that Sierra Flower Finder is the best flower reference available, improving all our expertise and businesses in the incredibly diverse floral industry.

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At Sierra we spend a lot of time working on the details that really matter. From detailed cold chain management (we track temperatures on every shipment from start to finish) and strict product quality and grading standards to on-time logistics and pre-cooling, we aim to please with flowers that are consistently cold and fresh… flowers that will make your clients say wow!

Westbrook Sierra FAQs

  • How often should the flower stems be cut?

    As soon as you receive them and every 3 or 4 days thereafter. To check if they need to be recut, you just have to look at the tips of the stems: when they become dark (scarred), it is time to cut them by 2cm.

  • What temperature should the water be?

    The water should be at room temperature at most. If possible, let your water stand before pouring it into your vases, so that the air bubbles caused by the aerators of our taps dissipate.

  • Should we change the water in our vases?

    Only if it has changed color or there are dead leaves in it.

  • What should be put in the water to prolong the life of the flowers?

    The nutrient sachets supplied with Savoir Fleurs flower bouquets, or any other form of nutrient available from good florists. Aspirin, sugar and bleach only partially meet the needs of flowers.

  • Can we use any container for flowers?

    Metal containers should be avoided. This is because flowers do not tolerate the reaction of the metal with the acid in the flower nutrient. The same is true with crystal vases, which contain lead.

  • What makes the head of a rose fall?

    The rose heads are falling because they ran out of water. This is often caused by blockage of the stems; either by scarring or by absorbing microscopic debris in the water, which collects in the stems and prevents water from rising to the flower head.

  • Is it true that daffodils are harmful to other flowers?

    Yes. These flowers flow a toxic milk at the base of their stems. Once this milk is dissolved in water, it is absorbed by the other flowers and intoxicates them.

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