Our Shareholders & Directors

We are a proud multi-Generation Family-Owned Business, based on a philosophy of best practice family ownership augmented by non-family and family professional leadership and governance.

Our Shareholders include members of the third generation: Will Vermeer, Mike MacLeod, Josh Vermeer, Chris Heuving, Nick Vermeer: Second generation: Ian Vermeer and Dave Vermeer. First Generation (Patriarch): William Vermeer Sr.

We strongly believe in the best practice Governance through an active Board of Directors comprised of Non-Family Business Leaders and multi-Generation Family members. Our Directors ( Janice Locke, Ian Vermeer, Dave Vermeer, Will Vermeer and Michael Macleod) bring industry leadership in our core markets and products as well as best practice governance and strategy.

Our Officers

Extraordinary Operational Leadership

Janice Locke is President and CEO of the Westbrook Group of Companies.

Chad Boulay, Ray Bryer, Ian Vermeer and Will Vermeer are Divisional Presidents and CEO’s of Sierra & Savoir Fleur, Westbrook Systems, Westbrook Greenhouses and Westbrook Trailers, respectively. 

Our officers bring extraordinary leadership in the operation of our divisions in accordance with our Strategic Goals and Direction


Our People

Lorri Hiebert, Purchasing Manager at Westbrook Systems, is an extremely hard working, meticulous and dedicated employee. She has been with Westbrook for 15 years and has been a key player in the growth and success of Westbrook Systems. During her tenure at Westbrook, she has sourced numerous vendors and innovative products by applying her natural sense of curiosity. Lorri has built strong relationships within Westbrook, but also within the marketplace, as she demonstrates many of our Group values as she interacts with others.

Over the past two years with global supply chain issues surging, Lorri has worked diligently to ensure the material that goes into our greenhouse structures make it to the building sites. Having to constantly adjust for long lead times, supply chain shortages, and the changing dynamics of the industry we realize this is no easy task, and we cannot thank Lorri enough for being such a passionate employee and caring intensely about our customers. 

Thank you, Lorri, for everything you have done and continue to do!

“The best part of Westbrook and the Greenhouse Industry in general is the people.  Working at Westbrook Systems has given me the opportunity to team up with some of the smartest, most innovative, caring people I have ever met. We are a great team, and I am proud to have been a part of the significant growth we have experienced in recent years.  Working in the greenhouse industry for more that 30 years now, I have built many valued relationships with the wonderful people in this industry; generations of family greenhouse operations, supportive vendors, and reliable installers.  We have been through some of the toughest times recently but through it all the Westbrook team, our customers, and vendors alike have continued to treat each other with patient and respectful attitudes making it a pleasure to be part of this industry.”

Lorri Hiebert, Purchasing Manager
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