Our Companies

Our division focused on designing, installing Commercial greenhouse structures for the Floricultre industry are conveniently located in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula where they have an 80,000 sq ft state of the art manufacturing facility and Head office.

With over 30 acres of available greenhouse space, the team grows a multitude of indoor potted plants. We use an effective combination of human resources and mechanical automation to increase efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment and we are constantly looking to improve our environmental footprint. With sales to mass market and wholesalers in North America, the potted Mini Roses, Kalanchoes and Violets grown in their greenhouses translate to Westbrook Greenhouses being market share leaders in the US Market according to IRi Year ending 2020 data

With 3 branches across North America are importers and distributors of fresh cut flowers and potted plants from around the world. The team provides products and services to mass market retailers and wholesalers throughout Canada and the United States and are experts in cut flower perishable logistics. With millions of units sold yearly, we pride ourselves on industry leading product variety, quality, and grading standards through obsessive attention to detail are leading to exceptional growth in the markets they service.

Trailers division is led by 2 strong consumer brands in the Light Duty and Kit trailer segment, Stirling and Marathon. Sold through Mass Market retailers in North America, with local manufacturing ensuring the highest of quality, durability, and smooth ride. Utilizing Galvalume construction process, resulting in rust resistance, has helped the team deliver trailers to retailers and consumers across Canada and the United States

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